- No spamming
- No racism, bullying or other rude behavior towards others
- No swearing or attempts to bypass any filter
- No NSFW content
- No advertising unless a permission has been given
- No impersonating others

You are responsible for everything that happens under your account.

On Discord:

- Avoid unnecessary pings
- No loud noises in voice chat
- Don't queue songs you are not going to listen
- Inappropriate user names, status messages and profile pictures are not allowed
- Don't intentionally spread false information/copypasta
- Music only on the music channel
- Avoid sending unnecessary messages on unrelated channels
- Keep all drama somewhere else

You must follow Discord's Terms of Service.

On the server:

- Don't use hacks, cheats or other modifications that give you unfair advantages
- Don't build things that can cause harm to the server (lag machines etc.)
- Don't steal or grief (except in factions)
- Almost or fully invisible skins and skins with large custom geometry parts are not allowed
- Exploits must be reported to staff and not be used

These rules are subject to change at any time without warning. Breaking the rules will lead to punishments.